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Monthly Recap-June 2024

This our monthly summary of Grial UI Kit cool things you need to know, and the .NET MAUI platform updates and all the amazing things out there you can’t miss. If you like it, please subscribe and stay up to date!

Monthly Recap-June 2024

Post by Flowbase
January 28, 2021
Post by
Grial Team
June 27, 2024
Monthly Recap-June 2024

Grial UI Kit Monthly recap

Hey there! Welcome to our monthly roundup of the coolest updates and features in the Grial UI Kit, plus the latest news from the .NET MAUI platform. There's a lot of amazing stuff you won't want to miss. If you enjoy our content, don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date!

Grial UI Kit May 2024 Update!

A few highlights:

Optimized for performance with default virtualization, it also offers a flexible API for looping items, setting positions, and more. The Empty View Template shows a unique view when no items are present, and it supports Progressive Animations and IndicatorView integration.

The Rich Interactions feature offers smooth swiping for a polished experience. MVVM ready, it integrates easily with ItemsSource and ItemTemplate properties, and supports various commands to sync with ViewModels.

Learn more here 👈

Spotlight: Swipeable Layout Control

The SwipeableLayout exemplifies the flexibility that defines all our controls. Whether you want to showcase a few items in an engaging loop with smooth animations or implement a simple binary choice interface (like yes/no, true/false), the SwipeableLayout has got you covered. With its intuitive swiping interactions and customizable options, it allows developers to create dynamic, user-friendly interfaces that enhance the overall user experience.

Its integration with MVVM patterns, performance optimization through virtualization, and extensive command support make it a versatile and powerful tool for any application.

Learn more here 👈

UXDivers Kitchen

UXDivers Kitchen

Setting the standard for beautiful products once again, UXDivers has outdone itself.

Developed in collaboration with Applicita, the Guidltours app is more than just another app—it's a manifesto showcasing the power of a great idea brought to life by a talented team of designers and #DotNet developers. If you love history, this app is a must-try, offering a unique and engaging way to explore historical sites and stories through a stunning mobile interface.

Available on Android, and iOS, try it now and experience history through this beautiful cross-platform .NET app.

Learn more here 👈

Hand picked for you... 🤏

There's a lot going on in the .NET MAUI world, sometimes it's easy to get lost. This is our top 3 selection of blogposts and announcements from this amazing community.

Enhancing .NET MAUI:

Discover the latest quality improvements, performance enhancements, and interoperability features in .NET MAUI with .NET 9.

This session delves into how .NET MAUI has evolved to provide a more robust and performant framework for building cross-platform mobile and desktop applications, emphasizing the improved tooling and developer experience.

Learn more here 👈

XAML Hot Reload for VS Code!

XAML Hot Reload for .NET MAUI has been available for Visual Studio for a while now, but now it's finally come to the IDE's open-source-based, cross-platform little cousin, Visual Studio Code.

Hot Reload allows developers to see the changes they make in their code almost instantly in their running application, without needing to manually stop and restart the application.

Learn more here 👈

.NET MAUI Migration Program

Migrating your Xamarin.Forms app to .NET MAUI with our expert team ensures a seamless and efficient transition, leveraging the latest advancements in cross-platform development.

Our experienced developers provide comprehensive support throughout the migration process, anticipating problems and preserving the functionality of your app. By migrating to .NET MAUI, you'll benefit from enhanced performance, a more unified codebase, and access to the latest features and updates from Microsoft, ensuring your app remains competitive and future-proof. Partner with us for a smooth migration experience, maximizing your investment and unlocking new possibilities for your application.

Learn more here 👈

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