BUILD 2022

Special Grial
MS Build 2022 Release ✨

Grial UI Kit, the best way to build cross-platform mobile apps, has a new version available.
Build better. Build faster with Grial UI Kit 4.
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Grial UI Kit 4 Special Release

The latest version of Grial UI Kit is now available!
Grial UI Kit 4 has everything you loved in previous editions, plus a ton of new content, and .NET MAUI support!
The latest website with all documentation is coming soon ;)

Why Special?

For two reasons: First, we wanted to celebrate the official release of .NET MAUI with a version of our best-in-class, fully customizable kit of templates, UI screens and resources built to support both Xamarin.Forms and .NET MAUI. And second, because we’re offering it at a special discount price for a limited time only.

Check out the Demo App (iOS or Android) and explore real life examples to spark your inspiration.

Some highlights:

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About Grial 4 for .NET MAUI Preview

We were all eagerly awaiting the official release of .NET MAUI for the 2022 MS Build. We know the Team at Microsoft has been working hard fixing bugs and stabilizing the platform, and we at UXDivers have been closely following all previews and RC versions, crafting our .NET MAUI version of Grial UI Kit almost in real time. As with any new technology, it might be a bit rough around the edges and that's why we are labeling this as a Preview, for now.

To see what the final .NET MAUI version be like, try Grial 4 for Xamarin Forms.

Grial UI Kit 4 for .NET MAUI Preview includes:


As the platform stabilizes and grows, Grial UI Kit 4 will be supporting all the pages and controls that are currently available in the Xamarin.Forms version.