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Xamarin XAML templates: Your shortcut to stunning app designs.

Build with Xamarin.Forms and Grial UI Kit, Seller Insight is the perfect example of how to use Xamarin.Form XAML templates.

Xamarin XAML templates: Your shortcut to stunning app designs.

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January 28, 2021
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Grial Team
March 22, 2023
Xamarin XAML templates: Your shortcut to stunning app designs.

One of the main reasons why Grial UI Kit has become so popular is because of its efficient use of XAML templates.

XAML templates allow for the creation of reusable design components and styles that can be easily applied to various parts of an app's user interface. By using XAML templates, developers can save time and effort in designing and implementing UI elements, which can lead to faster development cycles and higher quality apps.

Additionally, XAML templates in .NET MAUI can be customized and adapted to fit the specific needs of an app.

Developers can modify existing templates or create their own, making it easy to maintain a consistent and cohesive design throughout the app. With the help of XAML templates, developers can focus more on the functionality of the app and less on the design, ultimately creating a better user experience for their audience.

This beautiful app is one the most beautiful samples of how well used XAML templates could look like!

About Seller Insights

Available for iOS and Android in both phones and tablets. Seller Insight is a powerful and user-friendly mobile app designed to help Poshmark sellers optimize their businesses, offering real-time data analytics, inventory management, and streamlined workflows in a visually appealing interface accessible from any phone or tablet.

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Seller Insights Reviews on Apple Store

Utilising Grial UI Kit:

Built in record time by told us why he chooses Grial UI Kit to bootstrap this project.

"Utilising Grial UI Kit was a game-changer in the development of our Seller Insight app. Grial's extensive library of high-quality templates and themes enabled us to create a visually stunning and consistent user interface across different platforms, significantly reducing development time and effort. Grial UI Kit has truly been an invaluable asset in bringing our vision to life."

Dragan Knezevic

Founder, Solid Fundation Software

More about Seller Insights:

👉 Seller Insights

👉 Seller Insights for iOS  

👉 Seller Insights for Android

Find everything you need to build a beautiful Xamarin.Forms or .NET MAUI app in Grial UI Kit: Pages, Forms, Controls, and all the mobile patterns in one single product.

Grial UI Kit is also compatible with all control vendors: Telerik, Syncfusion, DevExpress, etc;

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