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Grial UI Kit 4 For .NET MAUI - March Update

Check out Grial UI Kit 4 for .NET MAUI March updates!

Grial UI Kit 4 For .NET MAUI - March Update

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January 28, 2021
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Mar 31, 2023
Grial UI Kit 4 For .NET MAUI - March Update

Last October we announce the arrival of our Grial Charts, a set of controls crafted specifically for .NET MAUI using Maui.Graphics that included Bar, Line, Area, Ring, and Pie Charts.

This month, we are publishing a new version of our Charts, that adds support for Horizontal Bar Charts and Horizontal Stacked Bar Charts! You can read more about them in the docs.

And of course, we shipped new pages to showcase these new charts:

  • WebsiteTrafficReportPage shows recurring vs non-recurring users on a Stacked Horizontal Bar Chart and user acquisition throw a Pie Chart.
  • PowerUsagePage displays device electric current usage with a switch to go from vertical to horizontal Bars.
Grial UI Kit Charts

We also made performance improvements by reducing control hierarchy depth on specific controls that are used across the board. Now the RoundedImage and RoundedLabel are part of Grial’s nuget package since they are optimized for performance too.

And lastly, we extended the Message Flow by adding a beautiful popup (ContactPreviewPopup) that shows a contact overview after tapping the contact picture.

Hopefully these updates will help you keep crafting beautiful .NET MAUI apps 😍

Let us know if you have any feedback, and follow us here. See you next month with a new update!

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