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Built with Grial UI Kit: 4Ducks

I discovered Grial UI Kit and it was a big help. I could focus more on features and less on styling.

Built with Grial UI Kit: 4Ducks

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January 28, 2021
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Grial Team
April 14, 2023
Built with Grial UI Kit: 4Ducks

Built in record time by Tygertec.com 4Ducks is your safe and trusty, ad-free sidekick for money management. With simple, yet powerful analytics, we empower you to make smarter decisions about your finances.

Are you tired of using money management apps that bombard you with ads and overwhelm you with complex features? Look no further than 4Ducks is for you.

We absolutely loved this app! Everything about it it's just beautiful.

Some key features:

  • PRIVACY! No ads, no analytics, no tracking.
  • Timeline feature allows you to see when bills are due each month.
  • Import/export budgets, even share with a friend.
  • Quickly view non-essential expenses when it's time to slim down.
  • Cool projections to visualize impact of changing income or expenses.
  • Multiple budgets.

We talked with Ty Walls and ask him a few things:

What was the motivation to build this app?

Two primary reasons:

  1. Trying to generate money to help relocate my sick mom to a city with better medical resources.
  2. I wanted a budget app that could track my bills, and help me save a few pennies, but it seemed like all the other apps out there were privacy nightmares, so I built my own.

How did Grial UI Kit help you?

I started the project back in May 2021 and tried doing all the styling myself, but that was really time-consuming and looked pretty... meh. I searched for some help and found Syncfusion, but wasn't a big fan, mostly because of the (IMO) poor documentation.

Then I discovered Grial UI Kit and it was a big help. I could focus more on features and less on styling.

Let’s be honest! The app looks fantastic 🙂

4Ducks Website 👉 https://www.4ducksbudget.app/

4Ducks iOS 👉 iOS App Link

4Ducks Android  👉 Android App Link

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