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We want to share our happiness with all our customers and reward them for their loyalty and support.
During this month and for a limited period, we are offering (only for Grial 1.5 customers) Grial Pro with a 40% off!.

No, Grial UI Kit license it’s app based. That means you do not need to buy a license for each developer. You just need one license per app project.

Not for the moment.

No, one app means: An iOS App + Android App with support for Phones and Tablets.

Yes, if you want to upgrade your license from Standard to Pro send us an email to and we will handle it.

Grial UI Kit does not officially support UWP. But since Grial UI Kit it’s a Xamarin.Forms project, you can take your chance and include UWP on your project. Under YOUR OWN risk.

Not at the moment but we have plans to add it.

We provide free updates for bug fixes and when there are breaking changes in xamarin forms releases. When we release a new version with new features (i.e.: Grial 3.0), you need to pay for it, however, our customers will get nice discounts on new versions.

– 3-5 licenses: 10%
– 5-10 licenses: 15%
– 11+ licenses: Ask

The license is generated on our online Grial Admin when you register your Grial purchase. You download it as a file and you add it to your solution. It is checked while you compile -no runtime checks-.  
For more info please check

No, we have simplified both licenses so it doesn’t matter if you monetize through your app or not anymore. There is just a single license for any of the different Grial’s flavors (Standard or Pro) starting from Grial 2.0.

No, Grial is licensed per app, meaning that it doesn’t matter if your app will be available for Android or iOS, you will need to pay a single license per app.

There is a gold license which gives you unlimited usage over the number of apps during an year. If you are interest in this licence please contact us at