Gorilla Player – .NET Standard support

What is .NET Standard and why it matters?

.NET Standard is a formal specification of .NET APIs intended to be available on all .NET runtimes. It’s the evolution of our beloved Portable Class Libraries.

It makes it easier to share code across desktop and mobile apps, games, and cloud services, by bringing identical APIs to the different platforms.

When combined, .NET Standard and Xamarin.Forms are great for maximizing the amount of code we can share across platforms, both in our business logic and our UI layer.

Gorilla and .NET Standard

We have been receiving loads of requests to add support for .NET Standard to Gorilla Player for Xamarin.Forms so we started to work hard to get it done.

That’s why today we are glad to announce the release of Gorilla 1.2 which includes support for Xamarin.Forms .NET Standard projects! Don’t worry, we still support PCLs and Shared Projects within Xamarin.Forms, of course :)

The biggest challenge was a major code refactoring, required to analyze the solution as the project format changed with .NET Standard.

Some edge cases might not be fully supported. However, we are confident that, with the valuable feedback from Gorilla Player users, we’ll keep improving and fixing things on the go.

For more info on Gorilla Player for Xamarin.Forms – .NET Standard support, please follow this link.

As a final note, today we are also announcing a new version of Gorilla’s best buddy: Grial UI Kit. Grial 2.6 also adds support for .NET Standard! If you want to know more check here.