Gorilla Player is Free

The most advanced, stable and reliable previewer for Xamarin Forms is out there! It’s been a while since our last release. We worked really hard to make Gorilla better. This is a major release and we announce we are officially out of BETA!

We wanted to thank all our users, who contributed to make this release with their feedback and help.

We improved the overall UX, making things easier and simpler and added new cool features.

Check the list of new features on Gorilla Player support site.

At UXDivers, we work hard using our own software (dogfooding). The popular Grial UIKit was entirely developed thanks to Gorilla Player. This means you will find Gorilla the best tool nowadays to improve your productivity while working with UIs over Xamarin Forms.

What are you waiting for? Download Gorilla Player 1.0 or read 1.0 Release Notes.

As always, please leave us your feedback in our Github support site.

Note: Before installing Gorilla 1.0 on Windows, please manually uninstall any previous version of Gorilla you might have.

Gorilla Player is Free