Project Structure

Under views folder you will find all the screen pages and templates that Grial UI Kit offers.

Divided by categories such as, Navigation, Logins, Ecommerce etc; you will find almost every UI pattern possible with Xamarin.Forms.

All Grial UI Kit pages were carefully designed in Xamarin.Forms XAML with a super easy to understand structure that will allow you to tweak, change, adapt, modify almost every visual aspect of the kit.

Grial Theming

Grial UI Kit provides 3 default themes, but creating a custom Grial UI Kit theme it’s in fact really easy.

Tweak a few colors and you will have a overall look and feel in minutes.

Grial UI Kit theming architecture is expressive enough to allow you to tweak and re-define your theme as you wish, and with detailed control.

Grial conventions

Each page belongs to a category and in case your view had item templates associated, you will find them inside the folder called “Templates” on each view folder.