Book a Taxi

Book-A-Taxi brings uber like easy payment choice for  regular taxi trips. But it is not just another Taxi App. Book-A-Taxi brings new payment methods like taxi specific payment cards, choose car type (small car, medium car, combi, etc;). Also a marketing platform for dispatching companies and third parties like restaurants, shopping centers, can use in order to get contact to end user while offering discount for taxi trips.

Young Card INJU

Finally the INJU Young Card became a dynamic app from which you can know all the benefits and discounts you have, as well as inform you of activities, participate in raffles and read in friendly language what are the rights of young people From Uruguay.


Your new pocket companion to close new businesses and control your property.


Fanosity is an application that facilitates engagement at events. Currently this includes the Make-a-Band series where fan’s can vote on awards for their favorite performers.


Ecoalsur is a new way to travel. Curated travel guides that present destinations across the Southern Hemisphere through the eyes of our Curators, eco-minded citizens who share their own ways of enjoying their place in the most environmentally and culturally positive way possible.


With ‘Døgnrapport’ on your iPhone or iPad, you always have quick and easy access to the Police day reports, tweets, news, etc..

‘Døgnrapport collects a lot of news on the net and trying our best to find out which ones are relevant to you, so you always see the most relevant.


With the Eventast app you can see events near you. Find what to do with your free time!

You’ll find events of all kinds, from parties to workshops. Browse the categories and surprise yourself with everything you can do near you. If you want to organize your own events, with Eventast it is possible!

i Tesori Nascosti

With the app the “i Tesori Nascosti” will have an interactive guide directly on your smartphone that makes it unique and engaging the visit.

The app, first of its kind in Italy, is a dynamic and multimedia guide that acknowledges the work to which you approach, it shows on the screen the description, accompanying it with rich content such as images, video and audio.

A handy app parlor associated with the best salon software MY FAIR. Looking for software barber or beauty salon software, please check the website If you use the My Salon software, you can use this app to bring your salon calendar and customer information from your hairdresser or beauty salon on your smartphone. Even if you work without staff and App searches for your calendar, customer data and store cards, you can get started with this app.