Amazing UI’s for your Xamarin.Forms apps

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+70 ready made XAML templates

Designed for .NET Developers. Grial UI Kit provides a complete ready made
collection of fully customizable UI screens and resources to help
you build cross-platform apps with Xamarin.Forms.

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“I am blown away by how good looking and easy to use GrialKit is. Do yourself a favor and check it out”

Miguel de Icaza – Started, Xamarin

” The Grial Grial UI Kit came to save me a lot of design/coding time because the template was really well designed and return a very good UX.

The quality of the pages, templates and features that we wanted would spend a lot of time of coding and was already built with Grial.

Thank you guys! “

Vinicious Reis - Founder, Sliphis


” Have published first app using grial ui kit to the appstore and it was a pleasure.

It literally took 90% of the UI work out of my timeline (and probably ended up looking much better than I could ever have come up with).

Took a several month project and help me get done in about 3 weeks.”

Bruce Abernethy - Software Architect , Meijer

“The Grial UI Kit literally saved me days of work!

Actually, I did my rewrite from nothing to finished iOS and Android version in about 2 weeks – only working at night. I highly recommend the GRIAL UI Kit when ever I get a chance.

Great job guys!”

Mads Laumann - Founder, Laumania